TMDAC Business Club Radio™ is an internet business radio station broadcasting online worldwide for business owners.We are based in London and part of TMDAC Business Club Ltd which provides business support services via its business club to parents and children communities and to SMEs who want to reach them.

TMDAC Business Club Radio™ was born in May 2017 in London by Dior Simms™ founder and director of TMDAC Business Club Ltd (known as The Mummies, Daddies & Children’s Business Club Ltd) which has had a big vision for TMDAC Business Club Radio™ from the start of TMDAC Business Club Ltd back in 2012 which is aimed at business owners worldwide with a radio platform for SMEs to host their own show with also advertising opportunities for business owners.

TMDAC Business Club Radio™ currently broadcasts every Tuesday morning from 10.00am-12pm GMT with The Self-Employment Show #seradioshow which is a business talk show interviewing business owners and discussing a business related topic about juggling self-employment with home life, business journeys, business challenges and all the great parts about being self-employed and running a business and more.